Everything in the two polytunnP1020197els is hand watered. Seed trays and pots outside, eg :the strawberries for next season and blueberries in pots, are hand watered. Outdoor beds are so well mulched they have been pretty much left alone.

Here’s the routine every couple of days or so!

Bend your back and get to the plant. Observe what is going on for the plant. Count so that each plant of the same variety gets the same amount of water. Be aware that some plants may need less than others.

 If the pants are planted mindfully you will have remembered to leave a dip around them so that not much water will run off.  

 Check pots by testing with a finger. Hopefully the surface will still be damp and the pot will receive water. Water twice if necessary:  once to allow the moisture to get around the soil and second time to properly give the plant a drink. If the pot is bone dry the water may just trickle away. If you are watering a big area of pots, that’s a lot of wasted water.  When the water is carefully harvested I’ve learnt what a precious thing it is.


Plants undercover are watered very routinely.

  Here most things are sown in modules and left on staging in the tunnels or outdoors under protection. Water with a rose on your can. Capillary matting helps keep the moisture in.P1020183

Plants outdoors have managed without beng watered.