I learnt to put tomato plants in May. The seeds had been sown and the plants brought on in a poly tunnel. When I was introduced to them they were plants of about a foot or so high.
There were three/four of us on the job. In the poly tunnel beds had been prepared and are slightly raised. The centre was marked out with string and beanpoles marked planting distance. Holes were dug a spit deep and wide. The bottoms loosened with a trowel and compost added. A wire/string ran across the length of each bed on the ceiling of tunnel and supporting strings were attached over each hole. Tap out the plant carefully and lower over hole carefully putting string underneath. Pull up the other side. It will support plant as it grows. Create dip/bowl in soil around plant to ensure water doesn’t flow over. Water in.

Water and feed the plants regularly the first few weeks. Debbie taught us to take off the side shoots and train them up the strings gently.

Less watering later will lead to more fruit. There was lots of greenback so although yields were good some couldn’t be sold.

Debbie has been steadily processing chopping, gentle simmering, putting in pots and freezing, making chutney and excellent ketchup.

Take side shoots off regularly and steer plant up strings.

Water regularly (every other day). Add a food such as sea weed or comfrey sometimes.