Borders Low Impact Living Project

Borders Low Impact Living Project is an initiative , looking to set up in the Welsh Borders/mid Wales, that will establish a community of low impact small holdings. We currently wish to meet with people who share our vision.

Folk who want to live like this:

We are open to a bigger and more diverse project in principle. If you are seriously interested, have enough capital to get started and you have a commitment to the interdependency that community entails …then do get in touch and tell us about yourselves, background and aspirations:

Folk who have skills and knowledge (especiallly legal and financial experience) to help us set this up:

We are looking for innovative ways to finance and develop our project. If you have a background in accountancy, social finance and experience in not for profit organisations and you have a commitment to supporting a project like this which hinges upon a radical lifestyle change to reduce our ecological footprint then think about talking to us. We are keen to explore working with partners who can offer their expertise for the satisfaction of seeing a project like this come to fruition. If this is you then please contact Gwen:

Land owners with Pasture and Woodland for sale:

If you are a landowner with a farm, smallholding, and land for sale, in the Welsh Borders/ mid Wales, then we would be interested to learn more. Please contact Rob:


See following links for information about planning:


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