What’s driving us?

by Robert Oakey

Some of you may wonder why we have left the comfort and stability of our Lancaster life and replaced it with an uncertain nomadic existence. Why have we given up a nice warm house for a different bed every few weeks? Why did we give up steady jobs for sporadic temporary work or no work at all? So what is the ‘thing’ that has driven us on this precarious and alternative path? …more>>


We dream of land

by Gwen Sanderson

On the 6th November I plan to leave Lancaster with Rob and spend some time on farms and in communities working out whether this dream of owning land, building on it and earning aImage small living is realistic for me and us. Whether realistically it is something I can do and want to do. I’ve passed the fluffy mental state. Fluffy, white clouds of dreams have abated and a harder reality faces me. Do I really want to experience the harshness of the winter, can my sedentary mid 40s body hack it? Does the need for a safe roof, a debt free life and a space for self employment really warrant letting go of the comforts of wall to wall carpet, central heating and the perception that I can have as much hot water and electricity as I want, a microwave, a freezer and plenty of space for stuff? Yes I know it is an unsustainable life but hey it’s the one I know! ….more>>


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