Vision Statement

Working with the land and the elements we will create a small, resilient community in Wales. We will build low-impact homes using natural materials. We will grow our own food, generate energy and harvest and recycle water.

Our Basis of Unity

The following beliefs and commitments are ones that we all share as a community; together they comprise our Basis of Unity and will guide us as we develop:

  1. We believe that sustainability requires the ongoing awareness and evolution of our relationship with the planet, the land we live on and each other.
  2. We commit to the well-being and honourable treatment of animals and the whole web of life.
  3. We commit to balance the care of individuals, households and the community.
  4. We commit to a mindful approach to sharing the resources of our land, community and planet.
  5. We commit to make a positive impact on the environment, to leave a legacy of diversity and abundance, not depletion, for the future.
  6. We commit to clear, compassionate communication and a conscious approach to relationships.
  7. We commit to support resilient local trade and economies.
  8. We commit to minimise and ultimately eliminate waste.
  9. We commit to minimise and ultimately eliminate our use of fossil fuels.
  10. We commit to minimise the impact of transporting ourselves and our goods.
  11. We will exist as a model for others looking for a path to sustainable living.

We accept that these beliefs and commitments cannot prepare us for all future challenges. We will view all challenges as blessings and we commit to approach them with positivity, humility and a steady focus on realising our vision.

______________________ Version 1.2 – 02/09/2013 _______________________


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